Fall Guide to Styling Scarves

The weather is getting chilly and our accessories are changing right along with the seasons. We can finally bring heavier fall scarves out from the dusty corners of our closets because before October, it was impossible to layer on any extra clothing during the hot months of our Texas summers. But now it's here! Our fall season! And we have styled a few of the Nuhda Boutique scarves to show you some of what you can do with one of our favorite accessories to style.

Above is a beautiful example of using a basic piece and accessorizing all around it. Blowing in the wind is our simple blue dress, which is great for styling because you can add on any (and all) accessories you like, with out worry of whether or not your outfit is too cluttered. This floral scarf is in a loose wrap style, simple and easy to achieve when you're in a rush.

In the top two images, our lovely model is wearing square scarves! They are smaller thinner scarves that are sometimes called neckerchiefs because they look like hankerchiefs, but for your neck! You can create a muffler styled neckerchief by holding two opposite corners of the scarf, creating a triangle, and bring those ends to the back of your neck and tie. Fairly simple, you then style as your please leaving it loose like our first image or creating depth by ruffling it up like our second image.

The windy weather blew in some patterns on patterns! To get the look above we used a thin colorful scarf and knotted it evenly where both ends come down creating a triangle. This is a simple style and looks great under a jacket or blazer.

Ta Da! This belted look is magic as it pairs our gold belt and belt chain with our dark cozy scarf. Layering thick warm scarves over dresses will not only keep your warm this season but keep you looking unique and stylish. You can even pull over the back of your extra long scarf and wear it as a hood.

Playing with the fringe on a scarf is a lot of fun and can bring sophistication to any outfit. This black fringe scarf is side swept over a vintage long sleeved top, perfect for a fall day.

Suede vest? Check. Dangling necklace? Check. Psychedelic Scarf. Check! You are now festival ready!! We know our schedules are packed with upcoming music festivals, so using a long scarf tied as a headpiece can create a fun bohemian effect perfect for the events.

Keepin' it simple up there by throwing on a bright orange scarf with circular cut outs and fringe is great for a casual day out.

Well that was so much fun for us to create for you and hopefully you enjoyed our scarf pictorial as well. We hope we have sprinkled little bits of inspiration on you for this upcoming season!

Like what you see? Nearly everything shown can be found at the shop:

Nuhda Boutique

518 W San Antonio Suite G

El Paso, TX 79901

P.S. We at Nuhda Boutique have been hammering away at the online shop coming to you soon! So we apologize for the delay on this blog. Stay tuned for our upcoming excitement and take a look at our events page to see where we will be at this month at:




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