Growing Up Sucks

To avoid growing up, Nuhda had a night out at our local bar-cade Rubiks. And what's a better ensemble for a night out than vintage sequin tops!

We were inspired by the retro theme and bright lights of arcade games of the past. We were transported back in time to the 80's and 90's and dressed for the decades in shimmering colors.

Rubik's has themed drinks to match the fun of each arcade game. Featured in our shoot is the electric blue Tron, the colorful Talk Nerdy To Me, and the Marge-rita shown below.

(Which were all delicious btw... & strong)

If you're looking to make a unique statement, sequins are always the way to go on a glamorous night out. Sequins may seem intimidating at first, but try them on with a black pair of leggings or destroyed denim shorts and you'll see this look is easier to pull of than you'd expect.

(Check out the end of the blog for more inspiration on sequin looks!)

We continued a flashback theme with the bold retro prints & shades to match.

Make a vintage outfit pop with your favorite statement necklace like the one Courtney is rockin' with her leather shorts and her twisted print blouse.

Styles come and go but can always be revamped and accessorized for a modern look.

Sequins & bold Barbie tops out of style?

As If.

Get all these magical looks and more at


518 W. San Antonio Suite G


It's not just all fun and games here though, we're busy working on our online shop

which will be coming soon! :)

Be sure to check out next weeks blog featuring our first interview with a local fashionista making it big in Mexico City.



Check out our sequ-inspiration board:

+Song of the Week

Enjoy the weekend!:)

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